Thanks again for all of your help it made the day that much more awesome and we really enjoyed dancing and learning from you!!!!

The dance went really well and everyone was really impressed! Thank you so much for all your help again. It is a memory we will always cherish. Talk to you soon!

Stephen and Kari


While I do not have video from the wedding yet, I do have some pictures! You can see the ones of us dancing toward the end!

Hopefully we will get a small clip to share in the future!


Kara and Carl

Hey Maria,

This is Stephen Hyotala and we finally got our wedding video haha. The videography isn’t the best as a lot of it is from our waist up and you can’t hear the crowd because of some special mike they are using but they were definitely cheering lol.

Thanks again for all of your help it made the day that much more awesome and we really enjoyed dancing and learning from you!!!!

Stephen and Kari Hyotala

Hi  Maria,

We enjoyed ourselves so much. You are a great teacher!!! James and I had so much fun.

I was thinking can we do a session maybe once a month?

And you are still beautiful and funny…just as I remember you.

Thank you so much……and God Bless You!!!

Hi Maria!

Now that we are back home in Gainesville and settling back in after an incredible wedding and honeymoon, we wanted to send a big thank you for making us first-dance ready! We got so many compliments on our first dance and had so much fun. Matt was able to successfully carry me off the dance floor – even with my big dress! Here are a couple photos.

Thank you again!

All best,
Michelle & Matt

Hi Maria,

We just wanted to thank you again for all your help getting us prepared for dancing on our big day. We are so glad we took those lessons! We went from not knowing what we were doing at all to feeling confident and prepared on our big day. As you can see from the pictures the Father Daughter dance and first dance were a huge success! Everyone loved it-and we really enjoyed it. This couldn’t have been done without your help.
Thank you so much, this was a part of our day we will never forget.

Best regards,
Kelley and Nic

Good afternoon. Well, we are still recovering from the wedding this weekend. Nobody told me it would be so sad to have the newlywed couple leave. We had a great time the week before the wedding and a fabulous time at the wedding. I do not have any pictures for you yet but I got very positive feedback on the dance you prepared for Allyson and me. My friends were not only amazed I could do something other than rock back and forth, but to do a routine pretty much floored them The Gator Chomp at the end was the icing on the cake to the whole routine. .We received lots of compliments-so I owe you a big, big THANK YOU! From the first lesson you gave us, I never thought I could do it, but you were a great teacher and taking your advice, I practiced and practiced and practiced some more. Kay and I even got a dance in using the steps you taught us.

Thank you again for helping make the wedding a smashing success. I feel like we helped Allyson enjoy the evening because of the dance.

Thanks again. Once we get some pictures, I will send you some.

Hi Maria,

The dance went great. No major mess ups. We were smooth. People hooted when Jessica turned.
Thank you so much!
Will send you a video when I get one.


The thank you goes to you. We would have never been able to do it without you. I have been afraid to dance for 30 years. You taught us we could do it. Salsa next!!!

Steve & Dyana

Sorry it has taken so long, it has been very busy since the wedding. We had a wonderful day and we had so much fun dancing.. I cannot thank you enough.. Chris always hesitated about dancing and now he has so much fun, which allows us to really have a  great time together…. we had a great time with our dance and want to thank you for that very much. We really had a great time dancing and getting to know you… hoping to stay in touch because we are thinking of taking some more lessons.

Mary and Chris West

Maria, Sorry for the delay. We have been waiting for the photographer to finish up. I am sending the link. You can go to the site and enter sfrr for the password. The dance is close to the end. All went well except when Hannah had to move backwards and tripped on the train of her gown! Whoops Tango On! Thanks for your help it made her day all the more special.

Dave Karably

Hi Maria!
I just wanted to let you know that our first dance went really well! We practiced a lot and everyone was really impressed! I attached a picture and I am going to email you a video when I get it.

Erin Robinson

Hello Maria,
We thought you might like to see a picture showing off our dance moves.  Your lessons paid off!!  We looked great on the dance floor.
Thank you.

Lori and Donnie Clardy

Hello Maria!
I hope you received our thank you card :). Here are some photos of our dance. Thank you so much for choreographing and helping us make it look beautiful.
Thank you for the dance lessons. We were so happy with the dance.  Everyone loved it!
My Mom even said that was her favorite part of the wedding. You were a joy to work with.
Thank you again.

With love,  Yanel and Santiago Casanova.

Hi Maria!
Thanks to you our first dance was beautiful. It wasn’t as polished as you had us before wedding since our nerves interfered a bit, and at the beginning we had to learn to work around my dress length as Matthew stepped on it at first, but I don’t think anyone could tell
Thanks again!  Erin & Matthew



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