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Open since 1981, Imperial Dance Studio of Gainesville, FL has provided continuous instruction in American and International styles of Latin and Ballroom dance.  Imperial Dance Studio has been here to introduce new dance styles and trends such as: West Coast Swing, Country Western, Lindy-swing, and Argentine Tango to name a few.


Learning to dance is an enjoyable experience: let us find the way you like most to do it!

At Imperial Dance Studio, we can tailor any dance instruction to suit your needs. Some people like a more one-on-one approach and take advantage of private lessons with an instructor.

They also benefit from the world-class coaches who periodically are invited to come to offer private and mini-group lessons.


Many students find they would like to progress even faster than they do when taking group classes. They would like to horned   their skills in leading or following dance steps. These students benefit from private lessons with an instructor. They receive the instructor’s undivided attention for the duration of the lesson. During these lessons, you will receive the specialized and personalized teaching that is necessary to achieve your dancing goals.

Lessons are oriented towards what you would like to learn, so these are the most fun of all!


Semi Private lessons or private group lessons provide you and a group of friends with the advantages of private lessons (working at your own pace, on your own schedule with a teacher), and the cost efficiency of group lessons. Semi Privates are great for wedding parties, or anyone who wants to experience the exciting world of dancing with a few close friends!

Schedule dance lessons just for you and your friends.

We’ll help you find a dance style and format that works well for your group. Salsa, Merengue and Swing are popular choices but there’s plenty to choose from, ranging from the traditional partner dances. There is plenty of time during the class to practice each step to music with a variety of partners.


We love working with wedding couples!

We have been helping wedding couples feel comfortable on the dance floor for over fifteen years, and take great care to help you prepare for your wedding day. Whether you want a traditional Waltz or a romantic Rumba we can help you learn whatever dance style fits your special day. We also love to work with you for Father/Bride Dance, Mother/Groom Dance. Or teach the whole Bridal Party a dance.



The Quinceaneras Celebration is made up of three: the group Waltz the Father/Daughter dance, the surprise dance.


We have always believed that dancing helps to build a strong foundation for a confident and poised individual. It has been our experience that children and teens benefit greatly from dance lessons. Dancing teaches trust, encourages sociability, and increases respect for oneself as well as others. It can help one to overcome shyness and increases confidence by giving a sense of accomplishment. It is an excellent way to experience music, the arts and world cultures, while getting in the required daily exercise that is so important for people of all ages.




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